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Dr. Alejandro Lopez Gaxiola

Buttocks Surgery

Brazilian Butt Lift

It is a procedure that is frequently applied to patients that have had overweight issues and encounter butt cheek stretch tissue, some of the patients that encounter this problem are patients that have had gastro by pass, gastric band, gastroplasty reduction and have lost a significant amount of weight.

We often apply the Brazilian Butt lift to patients that have suffered some butt cheek stretching issues as well. There are several techniques for buttocks lift.

The buttocks implants is another method to increase, define and balance the shape of the gluteus area in relation to the rest of the body, normally slim patients require this surgery to get a better bottom appearance.

The buttocks implants surgery consists previous regional anesthesia, making an inter gluteus incision to create a pocket under the gluteus muscle and place the implant.

Is very important to mention that there are different types of implants, sizes, shapes, textures and each patient may vary for the selection of the implant to be the right one. The surgery may last around two hours. For recovery two weeks of rest are recommended.

The procedure generally consists on taking out the excess skin and tissue from the upper part of the butt area and eventually the area is molded with the same body fat, that way scaring is minimal. The approximate time for this procedure is about one and a half to two hours.

Calf augmentation using fat grafting helps balance and give better proportion to the legs with permanent results without scars. Recovery time is about four days.